Friday, October 1, 2010

Welcome to our training page!

Hi All,

A little about us and what we are trying to do....

We are a group of 8 Premmie Mum's who all came through the Wellington Neonatal Unit at the tail end of 2007 - we are a group of ordinary woman who have had an extraordinary journey.

As you will appreciate we are a very different mix of people who have
all found a common bond through a very intense experience. Most of
our babies are extreme prems born around 25 weeks but with two 23
weekers and one set of twins in the crew. The babies and consequently
us have all faced adversity and challenges, some of our number still
do on a daily basis. We collectively refer to our babies as the
Blanket Club (a story for another time) and always in our hearts is
Mitchell who didn't make it through. Nearly three years on we are all
very close and Mitchell's Mum Tamar will be at the starting line for
this challenge.

As I am sure you will relate, this is not a journey that anyone would
choose but through it and our little "Club" we have seen incredible
joy, sorrow, pain and love. I am proud to stand next to anyone of
these incredible woman and I know they will give it their all for
their babies, themselves and the Unit. Our team name for the event is
Pushing It For Prems and proceeds will be donated to the Trust.

We will have 2 teams of 4 cyclists taking part in the round taupo cycle challenge this year, with each member cycling approx. 40km each. That is a long way for some of us that haven't been on a bike since we were teenagers!

We hope that you will read our training updates and support us and the Neonatal trust in the coming months. We will take turns with writing updates on how we are going, and you can learn more about us and our awesome children.

Happy cycling everyone!

The Blanket club.

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