Friday, October 22, 2010

I never had a prem baby – I have a prem niece.

My story starts when beautiful Eva was born. What a journey her family has been on since then.

When people you love are facing hard times you hope and wish that your love for them will be enough to make a difference and pull them through. But, it takes more than that – and we realised that many times during Eva’s journey. Many times we would wait for a phone call to let us know if she had survived the night.

I wrote Eva and her Mum a letter every week to keep them up to date with the news at home, we cooked tea for her Dad and occasionally weeded the gardens. And, we prayed. We prayed that our precious niece, and cousin, would come home – soon!!!

My first photo with Eva was taken when she was 2 days old and in her incubator surrounded by nurses, tubes and machines. I didn’t get to touch her until she was 5 months old. For a devoted aunt that was extremely difficult. Her cousins Thor and Luca didn’t meet her until she was out of the Palmerston North neonatal ward.

Although I’m riding my bike to raise money to help other beautiful babies and their families, I’m also riding my bike to show Eva’s parents how much they mean to us. To let them know that they are so brave and have been an inspiration to all their extended family. We love you guys so much.

Eva - If riding my bike could help another child as beautiful as you I would do it all day. You are an amazing girl and we love you very much. Our life has been blessed having you in it.

Aunty Lynette, Uncle Paul, Thor and Luca xxxxx

PS. Training is nightmare. It’s too windy to be on a bike and I’m sick of the rain. I’m so worried I will get a puncture out in the middle of nowhere and have to walk home. We just have to keep going though and remember who we are helping.

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