Friday, October 15, 2010

All Thanks to Wellington Neonates!


My name is Deborah and I too am one of the mum's about to get in the saddle and experience a sore bottom and screaming legs all for an amazing cause.

Our son Hector was born 1st November 2007 gestation 24 weeks and 6 days, weighing in at a mighty 800grms. Hector's stay in Wellington Hospital lasted seven and a half months (five and a half of which were spent in the neonatal unit before transferring to the childrens ward). The tough little cookie overcame a few blips on the way and is now a healthy and strapping little boy with boundless energy and a cheeky, wilful character who is fast approaching his third birthday. A huge thank you to all the staff and consultants at Wellington Neonates who ensured that we brought home a healthy and happy little boy. Their care and support was second to none.

Not only is our participation in the Taupo Cycling Challenge for a fantastic cause (Wellington Neonatal Trust), in addition, it has forced me to exercise, lose weight and prepare so that I can hopefully enjoy the day. It is also helping me to keep pace with Hector who was, prior to starting training, beginning to out pace me at every turn. Now I at least have the energy to tire him out on the football pitch before bedtime.

I have not been on a bike since the age of 10 and most of my training has so far been in the gym although a couple of weeks ago, I borrowed a bike and with my able training companion Liza (Joss' mum), we completed 38km with lots of aaahhhs and ooooohs (from me at least) along the way. I didn't know cycling could be such fun. I hasten to add it was a very flat 38km. Oh well we will up the anti on the next one - 34km of hill after hill (I told Liza it would be a scenic route .. not sure if I mentioned the terrain!). Watch this space to see if we conquer the mountain!


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