Monday, October 18, 2010

Journey of a Lifetime

Its hard to believe our little miracle is now almost three years old - in fact, her birthday is 5 days after the Taupo challenge! My name is Anna and I am a proud Mum of two. Since having children I have been pretty inactive on the exercise front so this challenge has come along at the perfect time. Its a wee bit easier to head out and train now they are older - I just hope I am getting out often enough to cope come the big Taupo hills on race day - time will tell!

Our Neonate journey started 5 weeks into pregnancy from where a plethora of problems unravelled over the coming weeks.

Ultimately, Greer's early arrival was determined when my waters broke at 22 weeks + 3 days. We were sent yet again from Nelson to Wellington though this time it was to wait it out, which we did until Greer was delivered at 25 weeks + 3 days, weighing in at 1 lb 13 oz (840g).

At first Greer was the healthier of us two. I haemorraged badly, losing a lot of blood. Our surgical team performed an emergency hysterectomy and did what was necessary - they were incredible and we are so, so grateful to the team who cared for me and to Greer's enormous crew.

Greer was transferred from Main Theatre through the underground tunnel to NICU where we spent the next 7 weeks. We transferred back to Nelson Hospital for a further 7 weeks with a few days back in Wellington for laser eye surgery. Our girl came home before her due date, albeit on oxygen for a further two months - amazing!
Being in Neonates has opened our eyes to a world we never knew existed before we were thrown into it. We are honoured in so many ways to know the families of the children Greer spent time in the unit with.

Hector was one of the babies we were introduced to on our 'unit tour' at 23 weeks and who Greer was later housed beside for a while.
I was having my very first cuddle with Greer at 9 days old when Holly and Sophie were wheeled into NICU closely followed by a tired yet exhilirated Angus. It took a moment before it hit me that this is what Ben - Greer's Daddy would have experienced only days before.

One of the memories that we hold dearest came when Tamar and Glenn came in to visit Mitchell one day. Out of the blue that day Mitchell's nurse asked if they would like a cuddle - a whole month after Mitchell's birth and the only day they didn't have their camera! We had ours so offered to take some photos of them and then left them to snap away to their hearts content - priceless and precious! We are also so lucky to know Joss and Eva's families, both of who's journeys have been huge.

Today Miss G is a healthy, feisty, fun and very stubborn little girl who is about to start kindy. So much of her personality and progress we credit to her big brother James. He was 2 1/2 when Greer was born. For ten whole weeks his Nanna's cared for him, bringing him up for occasional and short visits. He loves his little sister to bits and she idolises him - he waited ten very long and patient weeks for his first cuddle with her - you should have seen his face! Today they play together so well, get into plenty of mischief and generally keep us busy! Only once has he asked for us to 'please put Greer back in Mummy's tummy' - how blessed we are.


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