Monday, October 11, 2010

Sschh I’m lovin’ it!

Hi Everyone

My name is Liza, like Nicola I have never written a blog before or competed in any kind of sporting challenge since school – not entirely sure it was my favourite thing to do back then either!

Our story started at 19 weeks when I had a scare and was immediately admitted to hospital to wait for what everyone thought would be another miscarriage. After four weeks of strict bed rest my beautiful boy Joss was born on Boxing Day at 23 weeks weighing 550 grams (just over 1lb). Having just crept into what the medical profession consider to be “viable” we lived on a knife edge, first waiting to make it through 24 hours, then the next day and eventually achieving the all important 2 week stage. Joss was intubated for 3 weeks but by 2 months he was on full feeds and whilst still on oxygen we were focused on his growth. Four months later – the day before his due date – we left the Neonatal Unit with Joss. The next year for us was joyful and terrifying almost in equal measure. After a couple of months at home Joss suddenly started stopping breathing, we would resuscitate him, go to hospital and be sent home again but eventually we were sent to Starship Hospital by Air Ambulance. Our little boy spent 10 days in Pediatric Intensive Care fighting for his life. He had gastric reflux which was silently aspirating into his lungs, the surgeons operated and within 48 hours Joss was off oxygen amazing everyone.

Rapidly approaching 3 Joss today is a beautiful (honestly) little boy who has a wicked sense of humour and laughs like Muttley, he is charming and flirtatious, laid back but incredibly focused. As a result of his journey he has been left with mild cerebral palsy which effects his gross motor skills but he has a will of iron and determination to get through like I have never seen before so I have no doubt he will get there.

As our stories show we didn’t get to have an antenatal group so we formed our own. What I have come to learn is that this is not that common and we were incredibly fortunate but there is so many families whose only support is the Neonatal Trust on a journey that could be a few weeks or that could last for months.

I decided sometime ago that I had better get into the gym and have been periodically battling the Wellington winds and cycling out to Pencarrow Lighthouse for sometime now. A couple of weeks ago Debs (one of the Mum’s you will meet soon) did a 38 km round trip along the Hutt River – all pretty flat so we will be tackling hills in the next few weeks, Whitemans Valley here we come. What I have discovered is that I love cycling – yeah I hear you say “talk to you after the Taupo hills” but for now I am enjoying myself. Time to clear your head, literally blow away the cobwebs and reflect away…

Thank you for taking the time to read our blogs, we would love you to follow us and if you can support us on our mission.


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  1. Liza you are so amazing. How could Joss NOT have a will or iron and determination with a mum like you??!!! What a great blog. I sense another undiscovered talent :-)