Thursday, November 25, 2010

The last post before the big day....

I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel” Maya Angelou

I have spent the last few days remonstrating on what I was going to write my next blog on, there has been so much said, so much training done, we have been busy running around raising money, putting up posters, pushing pretend incubators along the streets of the Best Little Capital in the World so what to write about.

If you have read the previous blogs then you will know the last three years has been a huge journey and being part of the Pushing It For Prems team has been an experience and journey I wouldn’t have missed for a moment. So what have I learnt. Quite a lot about bikes – I confess I even bought a copy of a Lance Armstrong book, a bit about weight loss and that, shock horror, sometimes its ok to eat Carbs.

I have learnt that I can do more than I thought, juggle more balls without dropping them and push myself a little further but the best thing I have learnt on this journey is more about the other wonderful people that make up our teams. I thought I knew them very well as we have shared such intense experiences but they say it’s the parts that make up the whole and this certainly is another part in our friendships. So what have I learnt:

Lets start first with Kyla, we both had 23 weekers within such a short space of time that our kids “roomed” next door each other for so long we know each other very well. But through this experience I have witnessed Kyla’s ability to overcome her personal fear and immense dislike of cycling to embrace it for the greater good – I am even sure she said she enjoyed a ride or two!


Naughty Nic. What I have learnt about this lovely, intelligent lady is that she has a naughty sense of humour and has been a great inspiration and support to me. She on the other hand is not adverse to telling the odd white lie when it comes to getting me up a very big hill…… the end is just around the corner, your nearly there - ring any bells Nic?


Don’t know where to start but this warm, generous and dignified woman who has always been a great friend to me and that big stretch of water that lies between us evaporates when needs be. She’s funny and wise counsel even when we haven’t had a wine or two.


Anyone who knows Tamar’s story knows she has had to be brave and courageous but through our Pushing It For Prems experience, I seen Tamar put herself out there – pushing that incubator through town and answering the all the questions from the public showed real mettle. She is has also our all things technical – this blog and fundraising website is her responsibility – thank you!


Debs and I are neighbours and good friends. She is kind, caring and not as quiet as you might think! A bit of a dark horse she has a typically wicked English sense of humour, what I have learnt about her is that we can indeed talk for hours (to be precise for at least for 38kms), that she owns a very dodgy dancing stuffed toy and through mutually placed trust our friendship has gone even further during this time.


My friend Yvette has jumped in and supported us with all her heart. She’s a hard working woman but despite that this creative soul set about making us a life size incubator at my request and within three days of our hair brained conversation. Who could know she had a thing for hot glue guns! We raised nearly $1300 in one evening and I watched her going out into the thronging crowds telling our stories with so much heart and love it made me cry.

Most importantly this entire journey is about giving back and saying thank you. Thank you to all of those wonderful people who worked so hard and saved our babies lives, thank you to all of you who have supported this effort – please believe me when I say you will have made a difference , thank you to all of you that make up Pushing It For Prems – word’s don’t suffice but from the bottom of my heart thank you! Xxx

We will be Tweeting our progress tomorrow so don't forget to follow us... #pushitforprems

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