Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Choose Your Attitude!

So the big day is fast approaching and it is about time for me to Choose My Attitude. This rather annoying catchphrase was drilled into us as employees of ASB Bank. We made fun of it, rolled our eyes when we heard it and absolutely scoffed about it. When we were continuously not meeting sales targets; when were in extremely busy period or when we were just having a bad day with things going wrong, we would hear “Choose Your Attitude”. I used to think, what a load of rubbish! It’s not our fault this stuff is happening, we’ve got every right to be negative blah blah blah. Bollocks! If there is one thing I’ve learnt from this whole Prem Journey, it’s that bad stuff does happen to good people, it’s how you handle it that counts.

Eva chose her attitude every single day for a very very long time. For her it must have been like cycling up Hatepe Hill over and over, even while she slept. But she never, ever gave up. When she fell off the bike, she got right back on and I can tell you that happened a lot. So yes, the big race is only 4 sleeps away and I still can’t cycle and reach down for my drink bottle at the same time, my legs are covered in nick marks from the cycle chain, my shoulders and thumbs are screaming from leaning forward on a bike that is a smidge too big for me, my bum is still sore (even with a much more comfortable womans seat), I still can’t take even one hand off the handlebars without wobbling all over the road, and I’m petrified of The Big Hill Hatepe like you wouldn’t believe, BUT Eva didn’t give up and neither will I. It is time for me to Choose My Attitude – So come on Taupo – BRING IT ON!!!

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  1. That is so beautiful Kyla - that is what I have been thinking too. This is nothing compared to their journeys ... not even a smidge on nothing so I gotta get hard! Love the pic. Cant wait to hear Eva calling you KYLA! That is just going to be too funny. Luckily Nic is quite tough to say - I feel safe that this phase is still a long way off for us. Great blog my dear. Happy travels on the road and see you in Taupo! x n